• CBD GREENHOUSE hemp flowers.
  • SATIVA 20 % - INDICA 80%
  • A wonderful sweetness that you will never get enough of.
  • People use it as a painkiller and when they are looking for a cheerful effect.
  • Made in Colombia from organic cultivation.
The OG Kush CBD is an immortal classic. The community highlights her powerful effect and sweet taste bring instant enjoyment and wellbeing. This weed is one of the strongest strains at the moment. The genetic ancestry of this species is still partly a mystery but the result is unstoppable. Smells delicious, like sweet herbs and users say it relaxes body and soul. The influence of Kush is clearly recognizable in OG Kush CBD strain. Some people also affirm that OG Kush CBD ensures a really cheerful high. The community also conside her suitable for purposes such as analgesic and energizing.