Experience the unique quality and strength of our Prerolls, carefully crafted from organically grown cannabis. Our selection includes five distinct genetics and a special blend enhanced with hash, offering a pure, potent and flavorful experience. Produced with strict quality control, our prerolls exemplify our commitment to top-notch natural CBD products, capturing the essence of our CBD Flowers and Hash. This passionate approach ensures each preroll meets our high standards, providing an unmatched experience that reflects our dedication to excellence.


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CBD Cannabis Flowers and Extracts offered on House of Trichomes web portal are intended solely for horticultural or collecting purposes. CBD Cannabis Flowers and Extracts are not intended for consumption. House of Trichomes s.r.o. as the operator of the e-shop is not responsible for any illegal use of the CBD Cannabis, nor Extracts nor Seeds marketed. Cannabis seeds offered on House of Trichomes web portal are intended solely for collecting purposes. The seeds are not intended for crop production, except for authorized entities. Cultivation of Cannabis is regulated by law. Our products do not contain any narcotic or psychotropic substances such as THC in a percentage above the non permited values by each country. Maximum THC allowed by different countriess laws: 0,1% THC in Germany, 0,2% THC generally in Europe, 1% Czech Republic and Switzerland.