About us


Our adventure started in Switzerland in the year 2018, founding the company Growing Green, our main purpose was to offer the best CBD products on the market.

To accomplish this objective we started to develop our own CBD genetics to offer to the Swiss population the best quality of flowers in the market, growing our own products only with  bio-organic fertilizers, feeding our plants just with organic matter and taking care of the Swiss soils at the same time. As well, we never used chemical pesticides in our grows, we have been using always biological pest control, that is is the use of natural predators, parasites, or pathogens to manage and control pest populations in an environmentally friendly way, our supplier for the bio control has been Koopert Global since the very beginning.

 At the same time and aside of the grow, we started to develop our Laboratories in Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland, with the main goal to do our own extracts and not depending on nobody’s material or machinery cause our only interest was to produce the best quality extracts of CBD from the organic flowers with non-pesticides. From the very beginning we have been working with Delta separations machinery, that for us is our most reliable partner and have the best machines and the best methods of extraction to get to a completely clean and pure final product, it’s also thanks to them that we can have the best CBD extracts in Switzerland.



After the opening of CBD in the Czech Republic and the government's final approval to equalize the same percentages that we have in Switzerland, products up to 1% of THC, we decided to open a branch in Czech Republic for two reasons:

First, with the reason to accomplish the same objective that we had in mind when we first started in Switzerland; Offer to the Czech population the highest standards and quality of CBD products using the same materials, machinery and methods of extraction that we have been using in Switzerland for the las 6 years.

In second position, we moved to Czech cause we wanted to make part of the European community in some way, relaying our knowledge and our products to Europe and to the Europeans, giving them the opportunity to have access to all our lines of wellness products for a healthier lifestyle.





As we all know, cannabis have been under stigma and still is for many people , and to this day, its use continues to be penalized and pursued by the majority of governments, although gradually, countries like the United States, Canada, Thailand, Germany, the Czech Republic, and some others have legalized and accepted cannabis for medicinal purposes. The decision to prescribe cannabis for patients is now in the hands of doctors, allowing for its use as a medicinal resource.

One of our purposes and objectives is to break down this stigma and change the public opinion advocating advocating for a more informed and equitable view on the use and benefits of cannabis.



Our main mission is to bring into the Czech market, the same high-quality products we have been manufacturing in Switzerland putting ahead our experience in the industry of cannabis with the highest standards possible. Our CBD lines are made and design for the satisfaction and well-being of our customers.

In world that is moving faster and faster every day, where people are constantly striving to perform better at work, glued to their screens, and burdened with concerns about job stability, emotional well-being, and screen dependency, it's easy to fall into addictions like mobile phones, alcohol, junk food, and excessive social media use.

Our vision is dedicated to contributing with organic products and materials that elevate people's well-being. With a singular objective: to make the world a better place to live and coexist, we aim to provide moments of relaxation and cultivate balanced emotional states through our product range. Our mission is to offer alternatives that alleviate the need for dependence on addictive behaviours to navigate the challenges of daily life.





Even if it sounds insincere, we don't like to call our customers 'customers.' Instead, we prefer to address them as 'well-being companions' or 'members of our community.' We aim to establish a closer and collaborative connection where everyone shares a common goal: improving the well-being and building a positive environment together.

If you're over 18 and find yourself seeking ways to enhance focus during university studies, manage the challenges of parenting, cope with life's turbulence such as a breakup or a job change leading to insomnia, or alleviate post-exercise discomfort—whether from the gym or running—CBD might be the solution.

It's not just for the young; seniors and older individuals dealing with arthritis or muscle pains can also benefit from CBD's potential effects.

Also, we would like to put a big emphasis on products like our full spectrum 30%-40% CBD Oils, as also the 60% CBD full spectrum vapes, because they received very positive feedback from women experiencing menstrual discomfort and menopause. Users have reported significant relief from severe menstrual pain and emotional fluctuations associated with menopause.



Since our beginnings in Switzerland, our main goal has always been to offer the public the best products in the industry, made with the highest quality standards. That's why words like progress, advancement, optimization, perfection, and updating are always present in our mindset.

That's why we have the best human resources and experts from the planting, cultivation, harvest, drying, curing, extraction, distillation, and subsequent production phases of our products. We are always attentive and at the forefront of industry trends to adapt quickly to everything new and the new ways of consuming CBD.

We enjoy creating and inventing, and we are constantly looking for new formulas and recipes to improve, improve, and improve.





Our commitment is to the land, to humans, to animals, and to nature in general. That's why we only use fertilizers to grow our CBD plants with zero chemical residue, and we don't use any type of pesticide. We believe in soil regeneration, in the microorganisms and bacteria that live in it. Our commitment to the land is one of our most important pillars because we understand that taking advantage of the land without giving something in return, caring for it, and nurturing it is essential. For us, there is nothing more important than Mother Nature, our source of life and well-being.

Regarding the materials and packaging we use for our products, 90% of them are made from recycled materials, and at the same time, they are 100% recyclable. Our doypacks, displays, shipping boxes, oil and vape packaging, as well as the oil bottles, are all manufactured in the Czech Republic, not in China or any other country. This is to minimize the carbon footprint and environmental impact associated with global logistics today. We always look out for planet Earth first."



We have to acknowledge that we are deeply moved and affected by the situation that the government of the Czech Republic is allowing by permitting the sale of synthetic and psychoactive substances such as HHC, THC-P, THCV, HHS-O, and all synthetic cannabinoids created from chemicals. Without any study on the substance, nor on the effects it causes in humans both physically and mentally. There have been many reports in hospitals across Europe, including France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, where users who have consumed HHC and its derivatives have presented themselves in hospitals with various ailments such as gastrointestinal problems, hallucinations, severe dizziness, anxiety crises, and motor difficulties like difficulty speaking and walking. There are also reports in many hospitals and psychiatric clinics of people who have fallen into addiction to HHC and have difficulty leading a normal life because of this drug. And yes, we call it a drug because by definition a drug is a substance that alters the consciousness and behavior of the user, and obviously, this is the case with HHC and THC-P.

We are not afraid to speak out and say that it is the greatest irresponsibility we have seen in our careers on the part of a government to allow its residents and tourists coming to the country to consume psychoactive and synthetic substances that are completely harmful to both the physical and mental health of the people who take them.

We do not understand the government's position on this, and even if they gave us 100 lives, we would never understand it or agree with it, and we understand even less the people who can profit by offering substances to their clients that they know very well are harmful to health.

We want to make it clear that we are COMPLETELY AGAINST the use of HHC, THC-P, and any synthetic cannabinoid synthesized in a laboratory, and that we will never view it with approval or endorse it. We find it shameful and a huge lack of responsibility that the Czech Ministry of Health does not take measures regarding this and continues to let the streets be flooded with dangerous and harmful substances for its population.