Privacy Policy

HOUSE OF TRICHOMES s.r.o. is the operator of the e-shop HOUSE OF TRICHOMES s.r.o. is a business trade organization. This means that all data collected is used to promote the business and services of HOUSE OF TRICHOMES Ltd.

Under the GDPR, data is collected about individuals who are considered to be protected by the GDPR.

Personal data collected
Name and surname
History regarding visits to
IP address
Purpose of data collection, processing and profiling
HOUSE OF TRICHOMES Ltd collects personal data for the following purposes:

Providing products and services to customers.
Informing customers and potential customers about new products and other information and marketing messages.
Data collection:
All information collected about individuals is collected through an order or contact form. HOUSE OF TRICHOMES does not use data about individuals from outside sources.

Data Combination and Profiling:
HOUSE OF TRICHOMES does not provide any personal information to 3rd parties except to contracted shipping companies for the purpose of delivering products. All data collected is used only as contact information within the organization. HOUSE OF TRICHOMES Ltd. uses the data for marketing and business purposes.
HOUSE OF TRICHOMES combines all data in an information system and an e-shop system. Any other system only uses fragments of data and therefore is not considered data in the GDPR.

Right to erasure of personal data
Everyone has the right to have their personal data erased. Simply send an email to with the subject of erasure of personal data. Please include your full name in the body of the email.

These terms are effective from 27.10.2023