• CBD INDOOR grown hemp flowers with highly Concentrated CBD Pollinate. AMNESIA HAZE CBD flowers with ICEOLATOR COOKIES hash.
  • SATIVA 75 % - INDICA 25%
  • Exotic fruit aftertaste of mango and papaya with the characteristic smoked and sweet taste of wood, earth tones.
  • Commonly used for fighting depression and stimulate creativity.
  • Made in Uruguay and Switzerland from organic cultivation.

This Sativa-dominant strain is known for her high CBD content and her uplifting effects. Customers think Amnesia Haze CBD gives a strong peaceful stimulation accompanied by joy and energetic feelings. Amnesia Haze is originally from the Netherlands, and has quickly become famous all over the world. This powerful hybrid combines the parents of Amnesia CBD and Haze CBD.

Icelator Cookies has a CBD content of almost 70%, extremely strong. Customers think this extractgives a long-lasting stimulation with a soft buzz. The taste of Icelator Cookies is described as intense, with earthy, sweet and woody flavor accents. The aroma is penetrating and lingers relatively long. Because of the amazing CBD/CBG content, Icelator Cookies is a very potent pollinate. The community says to find deep relaxation, pleasure and creativity when using it.