Strain Type Feminized
THC 19%
Yield Indoor 550 - 600 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor 600 - 650 gr/plant
Height Indoor 80 - 140 cm
Height Outdoor: 160 - 200 cm
Flowering time 8 - 10 weeks
Harvest Month Late September
Genetic Background: Bubba Gum x OG Kush
Type Sativa 20% Indica 80%
Effect Clear, Physicaly Relaxing, Stoned
Flavor Earthy, Pepper, Pine, Fruity


Bubba Kush presents a predominantly Indica strain (80%) with a punch of Sativa (20%), coming from a potent cross between Bubba Gum and OG Kush. This genetic blend has birthed a classic, an extremely famous variety known for her profound physical relaxation effects and her adored flavour profile.

Yields are notably high, with indoor gardens producing 550 - 600 gr/m2 and outdoor setups yielding between 600 - 650 gr/plant. Such productivity is impressive and makes Bubba Kush a favourite among growers looking for a generous harvest.

The plants reach a significant height, growing up to 80 - 140 cm indoors and 160 - 200 cm outdoors, presenting an interesting balance between manageability and yield potential.

Flowering time for Bubba Kush is within the standard range for Indica-dominant strains, taking about 8 - 10 weeks to reach maturity. Crops are typically ready by late September when grown outdoors, allowing growers in temperate climates to harvest before the cooler weather sets in. 

The effects of Bubba Kush are the Indica’s incarnation, offering users a clear-headed, physically relaxing experience that gradually evolves into a deep, stoned feeling. Her THC content is high, often exceeding 20%, which obviously contributes to its powerful effects. Despite her potency, the high CBD content moderates the experience, making her a suitable choice for recreational users and also for those looking for relief from pain, stress and insomnia.

Bubba Kush's flavour and aroma profiles are rich and delightfully complex, featuring earthy, pepper and pine notes with a fruity undertone that adds a refreshing twist. This combination of tastes has made her a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs who appreciate depth in their strains.

Cultivating Bubba Kush is relatively straightforward, thanks to her Indica genetics which generally ensure a robust and resilient plant. This strain is well-suited to both novice and experienced growers because she is forgiving towards minor growing errors and her adaptability to both indoor and outdoor growing environments.

In conclusion, Bubba Kush brings growers and users alike a potent, flavourful and purely rewarding cannabis experience. Her astonishing effects, high yields and a delectable terpenes profile, ensure that she will always be a total classic in the gardens and the biggest desire of those who prioritize quality and potency.