Strain Type Autoflowering
THC 20%
CBD Medium
Yield Indoor 450 - 500 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor 50 - 90 gr/plant
Height Indoor 80 - 110 cm
Height Outdoor: 100 - 120 cm
Flowering time 6 - 7 weeks
Harvest Month 8 - 9 weeks after sprouting
Genetic Background: Tropicana Cookies x Lemon OG
Type Sativa 40% Indica 40% Ruderalis 20%
Effect Calming
Flavor Fruity, Watermelon

Auto Magnum is an exceptional blend of genetics. Primarily Indica-dominant (75%) with a touch of Sativa (20%) and Ruderalis (5%). This unique and mysterious combination comes from crossing Tropicana Cookies with Lemon OG, resulting in an autoflowering strain that does not compromise on potency or flavour. She has the calming effects of Indica with the convenience of an autoflower, Auto Magnum phenotype has an extraordinary explosion when growing.

This strain is highly productive, offering impressive indoor yields of 450-500 gr/m2, which is on the higher end for autoflowering varieties. Outdoor growers can expect lower yields of 50-90 gr/plant. Despite her relatively compact nature, Auto Magnum reaches heights of 80-110 cm indoors and 100-120 cm outdoors, finding a balance between manageability and yield.

The flowering time for Auto Magnum is remarkably rapid, requiring only 6-7 weeks, with a total lifecycle from sprouting to harvest in just 8-9 weeks. This fast growth makes it an ideal choice for cultivators looking to maximize their output with multiple harvests throughout the year.

The effects of Auto Magnum are basically calming, offering a serene and relaxing experience that reflects her Indica heritage. With her THC content typically ranging from 15-20%, she delivers a potent, yet not overwhelming, effect that can help to rest comfortably after a long day or to find relief from anxiety, stress, or pain.

Auto Magnum's flavour profile is delightfully fruity, with a distinct note of watermelon that makes her an absolute pleasure. This sweet and refreshing taste is a direct sign of its Tropicana Cookies lineage, appealing to users who enjoy a more nuanced and exotic taste in their cannabis.

Given her autoflowering nature, Auto Magnum is an easy strain to cultivate, requiring less attention to light cycles than photoperiod strains. This, along with her robust genetic, makes her suitable for growers of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned experts. This seed’s resilience and quick cycle appeal particularly to those looking to achieve a fast harvest. 

In summary, Auto Magnum gives a precious combination of high yield, rapid growth, tranquilizing effects and a flavour profile that's as refreshing as it is unique, this seed promises satisfaction on all fronts.