Strain Type Autoflowering
THC 14%
CBD Medium
Yield Indoor 400 - 450 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor 190 - 240 gr/plant
Height Indoor 40 - 80 cm
Height Outdoor: 50 - 110 cm
Flowering time 10 - 12 weeks after sprouting
Harvest Month October
Genetic Background: White Widow x ruderalis
Type Sativa 40% Indica 40% Ruderalis 20%
Effect Physically Relaxing, Stoned
Flavor Earthy Pine, Pepper


Critical Bilbo has won several Cannabis Cup championships, a legend among Spain’s cannabis consumers. Her Auto version features a balanced mix of Sativa and Indica (40% each) with the addition of 20% Ruderalis. This strain is a result of crossing the legendary White Widow with Ruderalis to create an autoflowering variant that maintains the essence and potency of her progenitor while adding the convenience of autoflowering capabilities.

With an indoor yield of 400-450 gr/m2 and an outdoor yield of 190-240 gr/plant, Auto Critical Bilbo is a prolific producer, considering her relatively compact size. Growing to heights of 40-80 cm indoors and 50-110 cm outdoors. The flowering time is swift at 7-8 weeks, with the entire cycle from sprouting to harvest completing in just 10-12 weeks. This rapid crop makes Auto Critical Bilbo an ideal choice for cultivators looking for quick results without sacrificing quality.

The effects of this genetic are mainly physical, relaxation with a stoned sensation that is both profound and comforting. Her THC content is moderate to high, typically around 15-20%, potent enough to satisfy experienced users while remaining approachable for beginners. The medium CBD levels contribute to a balanced effect, especially used by those looking for relief of pain, stress or insomnia. She can also help to keep the appetite awake.

Flavour-wise, Auto Critical Bilbo offers a rich mix of earthy pine and pepper with a sweet touch, delivering a classic cannabis taste profile that appeals to purists and connoisseurs alike. Her aroma is similarly seducing, with a deeply resinous quality that indicates the potency within.

Given her autoflowering nature, Auto Critical Bilbo is remarkably easy to grow, adapting well to a variety of conditions with minimal effort. She is particularly well-suited to those new to cannabis cultivation or those with limited cultivation experience, as she requires less attention to light cycles and can tolerate a broader range of environmental conditions than many photoperiod strains.

In conclusion, Auto Critical Bilbo offers an accessible, efficient and rewarding cultivation experience, producing a high-quality and powerful crop with a classic terpenes profile. Her balanced effects and straightforward growing requirements make her a versatile choice for a wide variety of growers, from beginners to seasoned veterans.